BullStreet Bakery Building

Adaptive reuse proved to be a successful strategy as Buchanan Construction remodeled the 4,700 square foot bakery building, part of the BullStreet development.  The first historic building in BullStreet to be remodeled and occupied, BCS worked with Hughes Development Corporation and 1×1 Design to preserve the building from the early 1900’s.

Interior renovations presented challenges with old brick, stained wood and peeling paint. The walls and floors allow the rich patina of age and the former uses of the building to become part of the new story. All new plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems were added for the expanded offices of SoCo (co-working space) and The Iron Yard. Historic elements of the old building, (like the fuse box) were left exposed, and industrial enamel sinks were moved from other buildings to help create the eclectic feeling of the new work space.

The old wood ceilings and beams were left in-tact where possible, and the Bakery retains its historic exterior with its sky light retrofitted with new glass and new windows throughout. With a view of Spirit Communications Park from the new back deck, users will be able to watch the changes as they occur in this historic part of Columbia.

Exterior photos by Burton W. Fowles

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